Shirethorn House

Shirethorn House Dilapidations Claims

The Greenwood Group has a range of properties within its portfolio.  One of these properties is Shirethorn House which was in its day a department store.

This property is in a city centre location and is a mix of small retail units and good quality office accommodation.  shirethorn house

Delaney Marling Partnership Ltd were instructed to assist the landlord with the dilapidations issues as a number of tenants  within the property had their leases coming to the end of their term.

Over a number of years Delaney Marling has continually supported the Greenwood Group with several dilapidations claims for both the retail and office accommodation. 

This instruction included the preparation of schedules of dilapidations as well as negotiating with the tenants to settle the claims.

Dilapidations claims are best served when there is up to 12 months left on the lease term.  This allows the tenant to be made aware of lease terms that they may not have either understood or realised what their responsibility was when signing the lease.

It also gives the tenant time to undertake some of the areas of work that may be part of the lease terms, such as decoration or services inspection/maintenance that will form part of the claim.

In some situations serving the claim for dilapidations early allows the landlord and tenant to enter into open negotiations about the claim and makes settlement of the claim easier for both parties.

This was often the case with many of the dilapidations claims at Shirethorn House.