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Residential Surveys In North East Lincs

Delaney Marling Partnership Ltd undertakes numerous surveys of residential properties during each year.

residential surveys in north east lincsAs a company we undertake these surveys for a number of reasons.  These can be for:
•    Clients purchasing a new property for themselves or as investments.
•    Surveys of specific defects such as cracking or damp.
•    To provide expert witness reports should there be an issue with the quality of workmanship undertaken at a property or a dispute on the costs of works undertaken.

The property pictured to the right  was a single storey dwelling in Scunthorpe purchased by a local construction contractor.

Our report was used to help specify the works required to develop the site for future sale.

The report was passed to their architects to use.

When undertaking residential surveys DMP use a range of equipment to help diagnose the extent of a defect.

This equipment includes  ‘Protometers’ to assist us to find indication of damp within the building. 

Although only used to give an indication of damp they are a useful tool. 

The image of our protometer in a property in Lincolnshire (below) helped us to map the extent of the damp and diagnose an issue of a breached damp proof course so that the repair could be specified.protometer

Other equipment was can utilise include normal tools such as drills, hammer and spirit levels as well as our borescope. 

This range of equipment was used to diagnose wall tie failure in this farm house outside Grimsby.

DMP undertake a full condition survey of all the properties we are asked to survey and report on, providing the clients with everything they need to move on with their purchase. 

Sometimes whilst undertaking the surveys we uncover some strange items that are unusual, such as a concrete bomb proof structure in a property near Grantham which was once housing for staff working in the nearby munitions factory.

The surveys where possible include the inspection of all accessible areas of the property from roof space to manholes.

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