Goole High School

Goole High School

Delaney Marling Partnership Ltd were approached directly by Goole High School to assist with property issues at the school.  goole high school dmp chartered building surveyors case study

Having recently converted to an academy the school had been instructed to provide a Fire Reinstatement Valuation for the property. 

This valuation provides a valuation for the rebuilding costs of the property should there be a fire or other catastrophic event.

The school had recently been extensively modified and extended prior to converting to academy status. 

The original school included the listed old grammar school building built in 1909 at the rear of the site, and the more modern buildings to the front of the site.

The latest guide from both the RICS and Insurance Regulators has changed the way these valuations have to be undertaken. 

In the past a simple cost of construction per square metre was used to calculate the rebuilding costs.

This method was found to leave many property owners under insured, should the worst happen.  goole high school case study dmp chartered building surveyors

The new method calls for the calculations to be produced elementally, taking into account the method of construction, which on this site were varied.

With this in mind DMP were able to take away the as built drawings for the newer buildings to confirm the construction following the site survey.

The school also required a value for the grounds as part of the report, DMP brought in a valuation consultant partner to undertake this section of work.

The findings of the reinstatement valuation enabled the school to adjust the rebuilding costs to a level, in-keeping with the changes that had been made over many years, and enable the insurance levels to be right.


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