Res Q

Res Q

Delaney Marling Partnership Ltd were instructed to undertake a schedule of condition of this multi storey city centre office block on behalf of our client RES Q who were looking to lease this property. RES Q were looking to take the lease under full repairing and insuring terms.

DMP undertook a full condition survey that provided a report with written and photographic schedules for the client.  res q case study from dmp chartered building surveyorsThe survey of this property was undertaken in a full working day, ensuring that access was gained to all areas from the basement to the roof areas.

Based on the findings of the survey DMP were able to advise their client that some elements of the building were beyond economic repair.

It was suggested that under the terms of the FRI lease these items should be highlighted to the landlord and either removed from the head of  terms or changed to a less prohibitive Internal repairing obligations.

The items highlighted included the aluminium sliding windows, the condition of the roof finishes, as well as some elements of the services which needed further investigation (lift/fire suppression system/Air conditioning).

The findings of the report enabled RES Q, with their agents to negotiate better terms  prior to moving into the property.

The use of a schedule of condition survey is something that DMP can not recommend highly enough and this is a good example of why a perspective tenant should invest in the use of a Chartered Building Surveyor to undertake this type of work.

This kind of survey isn’t only useful at the start of the lease process, but also during the term and when either nearing a break clause date or termination.  At this point in the life of the contract between the tenant and landlord dilapidations come into play.

At the point where the landlord is looking to issue a claim for dilapidations to the tenant a condition schedule can save the tenant a lot of cost, as a record of the condition of the property at the commencement of the lease has been recorded (and appended to the lease).

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